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Darrell Steward

Darrell Steward

SEO Manager, Nivelle
Of close to 30 accounts that we brought on in the last year, only one has left. But for every other customer, Keyword.com reports have done nothing but solidify the relationship to the next level.
Eleanor Pena

Eleanor Pena

Founder, Watics
With this tools you can see your SERP history. You can see your competitors — who’s on which positions. And you can analyze what they are doing. We can’t do this with Ahrefs.
Jacob Jones

Jacob Jones

Marketing Lead, Geeks
In the beginning, we were more email-based in terms of reporting. But since you guys added the API, we pull that data into dashboards for our clients fairly quick and easy.
Annette Black

Annette Black

Founder, Indeey
This saved time gave us more time to obviously give our sales team more time to do more outreaching to potential client.
Cameron Williamson

Cameron Williamson

SEO Specialist, Connect
We can share the dashboard link with the customer and they can check it daily or monthly. They see what we are doing is helpful and that makes the customer happy.
Savannah Nguyen

Savannah Nguyen

Co-Counder, Descart Agency
The client can go in and, in real-time, see what their negatives are doing. So I would say our close rate, just with that alone, probably went up 25%.

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